In a crowded digital landscape, finding quality leads can feel impossible. And while content marketing provides an opportunity to cut through the noise, simply doing content marketing isn’t enough anymore. Without data-driven strategy and evidence-based tactics, your content marketing efforts will be little more than a fishing expedition. That’s why having a partner who understands both the style and substance needed is, quite simply, everything.

Why is our method right for you?

At Lexica Labs, our focus is you and your customer. We develop a deep understanding of your company, competitors and challenges. Then we formulate a data-backed, sustainable content marketing strategy and work with your team to execute, analyze and repeat.

1. Plan

Where have you been, and where do you want to go?

We’ll build a deep base of knowledge about your target audience. Then using that knowledge, we’ll draw a map for reaching them.

2. Build

How do you find the right words?

We’ll conceptualize and develop material that is helpful, credible and consistent. We’ll entertain. We’ll solve problems. We’ll intrigue.

3. Amplify

How do you broaden your reach?

We’ll activate influencers, sharers and the wisdom of the crowd to spread your messages to the right audience, right when they need it.

4. Automate

How do we make it happen again?

We’ll build sales and marketing funnels. We’ll enhance and strengthen your inbound channels. We’ll ensure that leads aren’t just plentiful but that they’re qualified.

5. Convert

How do you motivate decision-making?

We’ll create messaging that’s effective and delivers on its promise. We’ll reach people through the channels that speak the loudest to them. We’ll make it so that your organization is the only logical choice.


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