Finding a needle in a haystack isn’t hard when you have a magnet. Here at Lexica Labs, we are experts at understanding readers and consumers and devising unique strategies to draw attention and deliver consistently engaging content.

But no two needles and no two haystacks are identical, and what works for one lead might not work for another. So we use data and analytics, with a strong dose of the human touch, to illuminate the path toward content strategies that will consistently deliver qualified, organic leads.

Who We Are

Ritu B. Pant

Ritu Pant is a digital marketing expert with well over a decade of experience in SEO, content strategy, social media and link-building. Ritu helps brands deliver focused, effective content that gets clicks, sparks conversation and builds credibility, powering results for Fortune 500s and startups alike. And he’s no slouch in business — the first company Ritu ever started was acquired by one of his industry’s leaders.

Richard Pendrick

Rick Pendrick brings more than two decades of public relations and marketing savvy that have expanded brand allegiance for the likes of the NBA and NASCAR. Whether working with a well-established global name or helping define the brand of a fresh startup, Rick’s decades of experience have helped companies increase revenue, spread awareness and establish a corporate identity.